Sunday, 27 November 2011

Choices and Cake Pops

Welcome to this weeks blog. The theme being "Choices and Cake Pops", odd combination I hear you say, maybe not so odd as you may initially think.So Cake Pops firstly, you must have seen these, at least at Starbucks? I decided I needed to make some, they look quite easy, balls of cakey mixture on stick, how hard can that be?? Let me tell you, harder than it may look, to get perfect cake pops has required more cursing even than the macaroon saga. The mistake I initially made was to try and make these using had made ingredients, a big mistake...i handmade the cake, handmake the frosting, what did it make? A big gloopy mess, not a happy culinary moment.Take 2, onto YouTube and the Queen of Cake Pop Barbarella, apparently you need to crumble the cake then mix with pre made "frosting" (Buttercream style) and mould as PlayDoh. Ok, so off we go again, made the sponge, crumbled by hand this time not MagiMix then mixed with the evil looking frosting as opposed to "real" butter cream made with real butter. Stuck lolly stick in with Candy Melt and refrigerate..So far so good! Wouldn't be eating them in a hurry but looking like they should. Now for the Candy Melted. Managed to source real American ones but seem a little trickier than you would think. There seems to be a very small window between melted and too hot so goes solid again (surely against the rules of physics??). After a long and frustrating phase of melting by various methods the bain marie seeems best and passable pops are dipped.
Cake Crumbs plus Betty Crocker = Cake Pops

So we now have the cake balls, time for dipping. This is where the Candy Melts started to misbehave. Very temperomental, also, as a footnote dont try and add colour unless its gel or the whole lot sets solid even at temperatures similar to the sun.

Evil Candy Melts :(

Adding the sticks

then decorate with many sparkley things :)

More Bling The Better
So finally the cake pops are constructed,  bring back Michelin Star recipes thats all I can say. And the choices? Well, im still making them, think that will be next weeks subject matter.

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