Monday, 30 January 2012

Hetty Goes to Holland

This blog is brought to you by the furry paws of Hetty...

The more observant amongst you may have noticed I have been a little quiet lately. This is because I have been busy. I have been out and about testing my Pet Passport and I can report back that it worked well which is a good thing or I would have been stuck abroad with dogs who carry baguettes and wear berets or other unsuitable dog wear (you would never catch me sporting such fashion faux pas). My paws are not so good at typing so I have included lots of pictures for those of you have the time to peruse them.

So what have I been up to, well, a few weeks ago I moved house, this was on a Friday, people always seem to move on Fridays.Silly day to move. There were many many boxes, I looked in lots of them,there wasn't much of interest for a small terrier.Anyway, all the boxes moved and so did I, although apparently I'm not staying long as my owner is deciding where to live so the boxes are all packed away somewhere.We might be moving abroad so it was decided I needed to go and try being a jet set pup to see if it suits me or not. So this brings me to my travels. I like travelling, I don't like the car very much, I pant all the time and look even more sad than usual but I like it when I get there as mostly I get to go running or go to a nice hotel where people fuss me and feed me bad things. So on the Saturday morning I was made to get up very early (I'm not a fan of early mornings, in fact not a fan of getting up before around 12:00), we drove a long way to a place where I had a boring walk in between lots of lines of cars, the nice people who worked there patted me and waved at me through the window and other people in the cars talked to me and said I was a brave dog and had I been abroad before. This made me a bit worried... Then we drove on a train, I don't like cars but I like even less cars inside trains, its unnatural.

Here I am in a train under the sea
Then we got out again, someone had forgotten to get Diesel so we had a walk by a garage (it was dull, we could do that at home surely?) and I had some nice French mineral water (they had forgotten my water too - sigh-). Next stop was Bruges, I liked it there very much, everything smelt of sausages and the forbidden chocolate.

Wheres the sausages?

Its a canal, am I meant to be impressed
I read about some cafes, it made me very calm and sleepy
Then off we went again, next stop Amsterdam. If it wasn't bad enough to have to go in car then inside a train I then had to go on a tram. I don't like trams. We walked for what seemed likes miles,  lots of people talked to me, I didn't always understand them but I think they said kind things. I didn't see any other Border Terriers, I don't think there are many in Amsterdam, there were lots of other dogs though, I barked at them just so they knew I was in town. Next we went to the park, I was disappointed I couldn't join in with the running people and there were no squirrels, I only give in 2/10 on the park scoring board for this reason.What is a park without squirrels I ask you.

So where are the Squirrels?

It was then time for some city dog activities, I was very excited to be allowed in a big department store. I was a bit scared and the perfume department made me sneeze but I was on very best behaviour (apart from a near International Incident involving a chihuahua..). There were lots of things to look at but I was a bit too nervous to have a close look or sniff anything so I tried to blend in and look like I went shopping everyday in a continental dog sort of way.

A matching lead set would match my fur nicely thankyou

We went for some more walking, it was better than the tram though so I didn't complain. Then things started to look up, I like cheese, what dog doesn't? But I never knew there was so much cheese to be found in the whole world, it was just like one of my favourite films where my hero Gromit goes to the moon and its made of cheese, only a bit better as this cheese was real.

That is a lot of cheese
Not so interesting as the cheese

I was a bit tired after all the excitement

Then it was time to go to a nice hotel. Everyone was very kind although I did get some strange looks, I made lots of new friends and was passed around everyone in the bar. Someone said I wasn't really meant to be there but that I was very sweet so I could stay. I ate lots of of snacks then felt a bit sick.

Sleeping off the snacks, I could get used to this

Next day we did more walking, I was getting a bit over the whole city lifestyle so I was treated to a Starbucks. Ive only ever been to the drive through Starbucks so I was excited to go inside one. They even gave me free water and I had leftover Chai Tea Latte.
I like Starbucks
All too soon it was time to go home. I crossed my paws that my microchip was ok and passport in order. In the end no one really looked at me but they gave me copy of Your Dog Magazine and I got to play in the dog exercise area so it wasnt all bad.

I was expecting more than this

Back in Blighty


  1. Well done Hetty. You haz been to places my typist often goes to wiv werk and your blog is much more innerestin than his stories. He say Amsterdam is a nice town but very dangruss cos of all da bikes an trams and narrow pavements. He will be back dere quite soon so he will keep an eye out for BTs for you.

    1. Yes Marley the trams are indeed a hazard, they come very close to the pavement for persons of our stature and they are a long way to jump up. My staff is there alot as the office is nearby and is thinking of moving there although I think she will starve quite quickly as the food is terrible but I have checked and there is Pedigree Chum and Cesar so I will be ok. Let me know if you see any Borders, I would need to make some Expat dog friends, I am also trying to find some that go running like me.Hope you are feeling better this week, Hetty.