Monday, 19 March 2012

The Biggest Doggie Show on Earth

Once more brought to you by the furry paws of Hetty the Bear (now slightly less furry thanks to the grooming parlour)

Some of you know I like to do my running, running and Terriers go together so I will be honest it comes naturally, although more naturally if squirrel's or bunnies are involved..... Anyway, as the culmination of my running year so far I went running at Crufts last week. Running and Birmingham I hear also go together as I am told some parts are a bit rough and you best be running if you want to escape but I didn't see any of that luckily.

As Crufts is on the television I had to be looking my best, this meant a trip down to the grooming parlour,  somewhere I am not a great fan off not least because its run by poodles and painted pink but apparently it was an important part of the preparations what with HD filming and the fact the camera puts pounds on you if you have not had your hair stripped recently.

More sensitive dogs than me might have taken offense at being bought this

Then we were off to Birmingham. Birmingham is quite a long way from where I am living and even for a travelling dog like me I get a bit bored. On the way we developed a puncture on the car, due to the cost cuttings where the staff is working there was no spare tyre and just a can of foam which to me didn't look quite up to the job and also like it might be a bit messy for those of us who have just had their fur done. This meant we had to go to a tyre repairer. Luckily being near to the big doggie show they were very kind to me and gave me crisps and a nice warm place to sit.

Waiting for the puncture to be mended, bit dull....

Then it was time to go to the hotel, I have never seen so many furry friends in a hotel before (apart from the places people call "hotels" but are actually kennels, don't be thanking I am so stupid as to fall for that). There were little furry dogs, huge great dogs and more Red Setters than I thought there were anywhere. The nice people at the hotel were well prepared though, there were 3 bowls of water in reception ( tried them all because you cant be too sure) and they gave me a dental chew when I checked in. After all that excitement I needed a little snooze.

I am liking the Holiday Inn thank you

Next morning I had to get up early which is not one of my strong points but I was smuggled some bacon from the breakfast buffet and sat under the table so things could have been worse and I was excited to be going to see my running friends, particuarly Mitch, he is a Border Terrier too and he has to drive all the way from Scotland which I hear is a very long way.

I am open to royalty payments for allowing myself to be have my picture taken next to the controversial Crufts logo

So then it was time for getting ready for the running...After I had collected my race number there was lots of time to look for things I never knew I needed. Everyone was very keen to get me to try their treats and sell me dogs beds. I don't think I have been fussed so much in one morning.

I was very excited!
I had to be very quite backstage, it was very difficult because all I wanted to do was run and everyone was barking but I tried my best.

See, trying best not to bark, honest

Then it was finally time for my running!! I ran around the arena and More 4 did film me because apparently I was quite amusing being quite little.

Then I was running outdoors... For those that have time on their paws you can see me running about 5.5 minutes into this clip...

I was running quite fast as I have heard there be gangs and such around Birmingham so I was taking no chances ...

After all the running I was tired again, even after my bacon breakfast and lots of free dog treats so it was time for a bit of a swim in the lake.

We are all having a drink and a swim in the lake after our sprinting

After all that excitement there was time for a bit more doggie retail therapy, although I wasn't too sure about some of the things on sale..

Not sure there would ever be a time or a place for a cowgirl outfit thank you

Finally it was time to head home but not before I claimed my free picture from the nice people at Venture Photography, not sure they captured my best angle but I can safely say its different to my other pictures!

Thanks for reading, signing off now for a snooze,


  1. Oh wow, wot fun you had my pal. Brilliunt. I ope you enjoyed Crufts. We posted a link to dis on twitter so everyfur can see it.

  2. Thank you Marley, I envy your well typed blogs which are much better, your paws must be a bit less furry but I try my best to entertain.
    I did indeed enjoy Crufts thankyou although it took me a few days to recover I had such a fun time. Hope you are feeling better now and the ticker is behaving.