Tuesday, 16 April 2013

My Friend Ted

Hello everyone, hope you are all havin lot of fun and enjoying the little bit of sunshine wot there is now!

I wanted to share my friend Teds blog wiv you all but looks like Teds bloggy is a bit posher than mine or he is better with the IT paws... as there dusnt seem to be an easy way wiv mine.... :)  

But so you doeant miss out anyway if you click the link it will take you there and you can read all about his pawsome adventures!

The Life and Times of Ted

In other noos, walkie 3 is in production, its going to be a walk to a Roman Villa, v cultural! :) But I leaves you with a picture of me and anuver friend, a Giant Tortoise I met at the weekend.

Take care 



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  1. Fanks for bringin ted's blog to my tenshun my pal....