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Walkie 3 - An historical walkie

About 7km ish

In Bedwyn and also seasonally at the beam engine in Crofton. During the summer they have very nice BBQs and also a Cafe. There is a licenced bar seelling local ales and cider too for the hoomans. I had sossige and was very nice.There are also pubs and small shops in Bedwyn.

Several areas for parking in Bedwyn and also Crofton.

Why should I do this walkie?
How often does oyu get to see the oldest of sumfing in the werld? Not that often I would guess, but on this walkie you go to Crofton Beam Engine, its the oldest working beam engine in the whole werld! An for those that hasnt seen one before it moves water from the canal to the top of the hill using a coal fired steam pump.

Its a nice flat walkie but if you cross the canal to the beam engine you does have to walk over a lock whcih might not be suitable for very big furfriends or those hoomans you might bring who arent too steady on the pegs. Worse case though they could stay one side of the canal and you fetch them noms from the tea room, its a very pretty spot to wait. If you does like more 'istory then you also get to walk through the churchyard of St Marys in Bedwyn. Inside is the tomb of Sir John Seymour, father of Edward & Jane Seymour, Jane being one of the wives of Henry VIII's (a very norty man).

Wild Lifes
Red Kites,Geese,Canada Geese,Frogs

So onto the walkie...

I started at Bedwyn and ended up back there to, you could start and end at Crofton but for the description we start at Bedwyn, is my walk so I am telling the story :)

So, set off down the canal on the opposite side to the railway and the railway is on you right. You is allowed off your leady on the toepath but you needs to be careful as there are locks and steep sides to the canal so you doesn't want to go swimming cos you wont get out :(

As you down the canal bank you will see lots of pretty plants and intersting anipals. I did see lots of king cups and a very big frog.

There doesn't be many instructions now as you cant go too far wrong if you just keeps walking so enjoy the views and think about what noms you want at the halfway stop. 

You will see the steam beam engine in the distance and if you is lucky it will be a "steaming" day and you can see the chimney smoking. If you want to walk even further there is a footpath up to the left to Wilton Windmill but for me I had smelt the barbeque and windmills didn't sound so exciting from where I was standing.

Bar and Noms at Crofton Beam Engine

Your final half way challenge is to cross the canal., here is a picture of where you walk, I dussnt be joking, you has to walk over the little bridge at the side of the lock gate. 

Yes, you does need to walk across...

Once you has made it across you just follows the signs under the railway line and up the steps. There is a bar,cafe and sometimes barbeque. You best check their website for the different times in the year. Dogs aren't allowed inside but then I can see why, there is alot of things you could falls in or get stuck in and people shovelling coal. If your hooman wants to go in they can have a tour at certain times but they does have to pay for that. Its free to walk around the grounds.

Inspecting the coal

Moley was worried about the water pump

So after your rest stop its times to walk back, cross back over the canal and back the way you came. You can carry straight on but we made a detour to St Marys Church, you can see on my map you will need to cross the bridge down to the railway line. Then you needs to be super careful and on the lead even if you are very well behaved because you need to cross the railway line. The trains are mainline Great Western and go very fast so we did wait to be extra sure and then walked very swiftish over the railway line. Once safely over follow the path across the grass into the churchyard. Once though the churchyard you are on the main street where there is a little shop if you need more supplies. Walk along the high street back to your starting point and probably a well earned rest.

Happy Walking 


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